Varari – David Ruth

Price Upon Request

Title: Varari
Material: Cast Glass, Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 172 x 41 x 32 cm
Weight: 185 kg

Artist Statement: 
 is a piece that I created as a series for my shows at Traver and Joyce Gordon Galleries in 2005. The form stems from my love of and fascination with standing stones of Western Europe and the British Isles. The interior image was an evolution away from my watery images of the Tokyo Disney Sea period. I love working with watery concepts, but I wanted to expand. What about wind and air? So, I made a few pieces with swept color interiors that were horizontal and then Varari that was vertical. It evolved to be like a feather with pieces of colored trail forming a pattern around a core of bubbles. The trails are made of molten glass into which I have thrown a few pieces of dark color. The color and clear are scooped out and trailed onto the marver so the color streaks as it flows. The trails are then broken up and added to the pile of cold glass that is then fused at high temperature.
Varari is mostly black color, although the amount of black compared to clear is negligible. If you look closely, the black has all kinds of tints. I love the transparent quality of the black, so paradoxical! Combining oxides to get a neutral balance is how you make black in glass. As it thins it becomes transparent. Roger Darricarrere liked black glass, too. Any time I use it I remember him. When he used it in his stained-glass it was ironic and had the effect of powering the other colors around it. That happens with Varari, too. Your eye searches for the bits of color, both the few other color bits that are floating in there, and in the black itself which thins out of blue, grey and brown.”  David Ruth