Ice Fragment – David Ruth

Title: Ice Fragment
Material: Cast Glass
Dimensions: 36 x 38 x 15 cm


In 2006, David Ruth received an American National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Program grant for a project at Palmer Station, Antarctica to take texture molds off the glacier ice and stone.  Ice Fragment is a direct molding of a glacier fragment, or “bergie bit” that he found in the sea off the coast.  The ice was covered in molding rubber, melted out and a lost wax casting was produced, in a copper turquoise-blue glass reminiscent of the blue ice he encountered in Antarctica, then highly polished to mimic the melting ice surfaces and crystalline form of the ice at its surface in the water.

David Ruth is internationally known for his cast glass sculpture and for setting cast glass in architectural spaces. His most recent work, Colorado Cascade, is a 6.5 meter (21 foot) window wall, in thirty panels. The design is composed from rock outcroppings in the East Bay Hills of California, combined with ice and rock impressions from Palmer Station, Antarctica. Private clients commissioned the window for a house designed by KH Webb Architects of Vail, Colorado. See The Video