Geologic Editions #1

Title: Geologic Editions #1
Material: cast glass and stainless steel
Dimensions: 64 x 30 x 20 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Limited edition of 5

Pictured:  Artist Proof, photo credit: Scott McCue


Melding the beauty and creativity of several art forms, David Ruth’s artworks inspire viewers to see new

Ruth’s glass sculptures and his cast glass architectural pieces showcase technical prowess and artistic mastery
as they use patterns of geology to tell human and time-based stories through light.

The Geologic Editions represent David Ruth’s singular achievement in cast glass. The series of sculptures is
formed of composite patterns of rock and ice taken from Antarctica and landscapes in North America.

Together with Al’Myra, David Ruth has produced a series of a dozen cast glass studies
based on molds of ice and stone from Palmer Station, Antarctica. As individual studies, the geology of each
piece represents part of a reimagined continental collision between Antarctica and North America, studies in
deep time.  The fractured surfaces of the stone refract light, always changing in the course of the day and year.
The colors are variations on earthen minerals, nickel, cobalt and copper, all meant to give a range of color
representing earth light.  The brown of nickel toned by cobalt into grey and then steel blue, varies in daylight
from silver to golden, another beautiful aspect of these pieces. See The Video