David Ruth – Monterey Formation

Title: Monterey Formation
Cast Glass & Stainless Steel
size: 203 x 59 x 41 cm


Monterey Formation:

The Monterey Formation sculpture is a study for the Colorado Cascade mural. From our library of textures taken mostly in Claremont Canyon in the Berkeley-Oakland Hills behind my studio.  A combination of chert and shale was selected that represents the geology of plate tectonics where the pacific plate is crashing into, and diving under, the North American plate.  This causes the marine-formed rock to be thrust up into the hills where we found it. The selections and compositing used individual textures to frame our story about geology. The re-combined pieces turned into a design that shows earth movement over time. Cast into glass, that motion becomes a time-based light performance of the solar system, the vision changing every moment as the sun passes by the glass. —David Ruth